Exquisite Scarf

Kinetic Wind Sculptures

Circus Meets Dance–Boston show!

New show opening in Boston this summer: The 7 Fingers’ Cuisine & Confessions runs JUL 12 - AUG 7. Get tickets today!

Science Project

Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?

Eisner Twisting Sculptures in Prospect Park

Twisting steel sculptures in Prospect Park are now installed in four different locations. "Simultaneously weighty and lithesome," these sculptures by Carole Eisner fit perfectly within the green landscape, inspiring visual energy and near-constant kid...

Helium-Filled Charcoal Drawing Ball

This is a helium-filled balloon, covered in charcoal nipples, people! It rolls around a giant installation space drawing unique circular patterns. Artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski calls it "ADA." An analog interactive installation / kinetic sculpture...

Kinetic Kafka Head

Duke Riley’s Pigeon Light Show

Tribeca Film Festival VR Arcade

Make sure to check out "Dragonflight" and "Old Friend":