Kineticist Movie Picks

Oct 6, 2015 | Blog

Movie picks for a rainy weekend here in Brooklyn. All the films have a different take on physical expression. In no particular order:

  1. Deaf Jam Documentary

Judy Lieff’s beautiful film illuminates American Sign Language (ASL) as a visual & embodied form of communication. Deaf Jam opens a window onto Deaf Culture in NYC. with Aneta Besecker

  1. Twitch and Shout

Tourette Syndrome seen from the inside-out. I love and always remember the scene in which “Toronto artist Shane Fistel has such a pronounced case of TS that a simple walk down the street is transformed into a restless, idiosyncratic ballet.”

  1. Rize

Directed by David LaChapelle. Krumping scene in South Central Los Angeles.

  1. Knuckleball

Seriously, the most affecting, emotionally powerful film you’ll ever experience…about the knuckleball pitch. Highly recommended for young sports fans! The takeaway: how to persevere through failure, or “experience loss, without being defeated.” Great doc-wooer for kids. with Christine Schomer.

  1. Big Hero 6

Animated Disney movie from last year. Brilliant main conceit revolves around a health care robot created to “heal” a young boy’s grief. Allows children to grok the direct connection between body and emotion ( “your blood pressure is rising, Hero!”).

  1. Capturing Grace

Can’t wait to see this. A film about the powerful use of dance therapy with Parkinson’s patients. Based on a class at Mark Morris (that used to meet before mine!)

  1. Pina

It’s the breath-taking dance solos performed outside–on a busy street intersection, in a suspended Wuppertal train car, against an old industrial scape–that make this a Kineticist fave.

  1. My Bodyguard

Classic tale of friendship in Chicago circa 1980. Echoes Of Mice and Men theme, with big bodyguard character. We’re all vulnerable, regardless of size.