The Pope, The Climate, Our Bodies, & Over-Consumption

Aug 10, 2015 | Blog

I just heard Professor Naomi Oreskes on Brian Lehrer, talking about her Forward to the Pope’s recent Encyclical on Climate Change & Inequality. She talks about Climate Change as a “Consumption Problem.” I like this way of thinking. If we frame climate change as a “consumption problem,” then we can take consumer responsibility and actionable steps to solve the problem, namely consuming less! Less energy, less stuff–cut back the amazon purchases and trips in the car. Her Forward titled “On Care for Our Common Home,” personalizes Earth as our home. When I heard this, I immediately made the metaphoric leap from “home” to “body.” Over-consumption is wrecking our earth and our bodies too. Just like the earth is going haywire from over-consumption, so to our bodies lose their regulatory systems and mechanisms when the pipes get clogged. Keep it clean, keep it efficient!