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Copy Outline : Introduction to Automotive Technology - CTE Online Model. Automotive Technology Program Guide CIP Code # 47.0604 Standard Occupational Classifications 2015 Pennsylvania High Priority Occupations 41-2022 3- 3Parts Salespersons 53-6031 - 3Service Station … 51 Technical Specialty Credits . Program Curriculum for Automotive Technology Se m. Dept. Copy Cancel Change Author / Owner : Introduction to Automotive Technology … Students may choose from three tracks: The Comprehensive Program, Mopar Career Automotive … Curriculum, Automotive Technology, September 2020 Curriculum for Academy Profession Degree Automotive Technology (AP) at Dania Academy of Higher Education Approved by the Rector on be If … Department: Applied Engineering Technology (AET) Major: B.S. Automotive Technology Curriculum. The curriculum for Postsecondary Automotive Technology is based upon the task list published in … PDF | On Apr 24, 2018, Narain S. S. and others published An introduction to automotive engineering | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Automotive Technology may be taught as either a career certificate program or as a technical program. CURRICULUM STRUCTURE Programme: M.Tech. (Mechanical –Automotive Technology) (Duration TWO Years) Semester –I Sr. No Subject Title Course Category Contact hours per week L T P Credits 1 Open … Students desiring to become entry-level line technicians at automotive dealerships or independent repair facilities will be prepared for ASE Master Certification in all areas of automotive Automotive Fundamentals Certificate The Automotive Fundamentals certificate provides a fundamental understanding of diagnosis and … New Outline Title. Automotive Technology Curriculum PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS. Freshman Year – First … AAS Degree Requirements . in Automotive Engineering Technology (AMET) Major Code: AMET Curriculum Guide - Academic Year 2020-2021 . Download Outline. Technical Specialty Courses 51 Credit Hours Year 1 Fall Semester Course # Course Title Credit Hours AMT 109 Intro to Automotive Technology … Curriculum Leadership Training & Development Communities Career Guidance Resources Share Outline. 66 Credits Hours . AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY Associate in Applied Science Degree Mercer County Community College’s Automotive Technology program is preparing a new generation of automotive technicians to meet the challenges of an ever-changing industry. 15 General Education Credits . Automotive Technology (10-602-3) Automotive Technology is a two-year repair and maintenance curriculum, totaling over 1,800 hours of automotive instruction. Course dits# Course Title Course Cre dits General Education Cre dits Program Cre 1 AT 106 Automotive Service Fundamentals 2 1 AT 111 …

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