flights to costa rica april 2021


Stick to your own rules especially since I ended up paying $60 to check in language that was 5lbs overweight." ", Pros: "It was an ok airplane, entertainment system worked" very efficient boarding, even the flight was completely full. With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to anywhere in Costa Rica from anywhere in United States. I put poor on entertainment because there was none, but it was a short flight, so not a big deal. Cons: "I haven't flown American in three years and I see why I stopped. Would definitely use again", Pros: "On time is the most important feature of COPA. ", Cons: "Crew was not prepared with enough custom forms. Most uncomfortable seats I've ever been in. There are no direct flights to Costa Rica from New Zealand. As the plane began its descent into San José, Costa Rica, I asked about the fruit and was told that there was no fruit available. Travelers booking flights to Costa Rica will witness everything from monkeys swinging through the jungle and toucans perched atop trees, to mountainous volcanoes and mile-long beaches. Sometimes, a flight with 2 stops may be … It should be about clarity. American Airlines Plane. ", Pros: "Flight crew was nice and extremely helpful." Cons: "Everything. I had transportation waiting for me and I had to find out the morning of my flight. We boarded 20 min late. It took me more than 90 minutes to check my bag. Apparently, this is a constant problem with JetBlue", Pros: "Same as above" ", Pros: "We arrived early" we need friendly people in airlines. Due to legislation, if you want an airport shuttle you must reserve it in advance; once you’ve booked your flight to Costa Rica it’s advisable to arrange a shuttle as soon as you’ve organized your accommodations. Sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, … Costa Rica has eased their travel regulations and removed the requirement of RT-PCR tests for the detection of the coronavirus. I'd like to commend xiomara on a job well done. Cons: "I wish you showed flight options for Southern air or other small carriers flying into Bahamas islands. Cons: "My flight was delayed and the crew and the company had different versions of the situation, plus if you sum all the extras you need to pay I'm no longer sure if the flight is still cheap. Mal no tener wi fi en aeropuerto, deberiamos acceder a él, muchos no podemos hacer roeming x costos.yo tenía en panamá xq estaba en el vip. Top tips for finding cheap flights to Costa Rica. No options to choose from for entertainment. Show more. Cons: "Sometimes price are quite high that makes flying COPA impossible, way too high", Pros: "the flight was on time. Today, it is known as an environmentally progressive … Find cheap flights in seconds, explore destinations on a map, and sign up for fare alerts on Google Flights. Every other airline sponsored credit card I own offers some form of priority zone seating; even Spirit! Couldn’t check bags but no idea why. There’s also a rich offering of world-class restaurants, nightlife, and cultural activities. Great great people." Flight left 1 hour later while we kept all of us sitting on a plane without any information. HERE IS A HUGE HINT: BEST TO NOT GIVE ANYTHING...DO NOT INSULT US MORE!!! A small drink should be complementary. The entertainment system malfunctioned and we could not watch the movie they offered. folks who love their jobs and treat each other respect. ", Cons: "I could not check in on my phone. When I called to complain to the company they were unable to help me and no supervisor or manager was available. Eventually was let on connection because tires needed to be changed. I arrived the check-in desk after boarding had commenced but the staff did everything to still get me on the flight including sending someone to retrieve me from the very long security queue. Kayak performance was good. Wildlife-filled rainforests, natural spas, and a bevy of beaches. I know, they say the same thing 10 times an hour...but I want to get what they are saying...particularly if it's about safety. With miles of sandy beaches and acres of rainforests, Costa Rica is a justifiably popular destination. I was so parched after 8 hours. ", Pros: "One of your crew members went above and beyond to help a family that was sitting next to me. I told the same thing to a male attendant soon after. I never had to use the call button on a flight before, but on this trip I was constantly hitting call or flagging people down. We had to keep finding passengers to tell us where to go. Entry restrictionsCosta Rica has allowed all countries in the world to enter by air.Entry requirementsTravelers must complete the digital Health Pass 48 hours before boarding.Travelers must have a travel insurance with coverage of COVID-19 treatment and accommodation costs. ", Pros: "The price of the ticket or fare" Very in time" The flight was only one hour duration, but they still managed to serve a small meal and refreshments. Nice touch! All other airlines include these taxes/fees in their ticket prices. The other 2 flights this year did not do this to me. It was not big enough to even place a book or laptop on. I would NOT recommend AA to anyone! Flights between Zurich and San José (Costa Rica) can currently be booked for travel between December 2020 and November 2021.. Finally, at 6:00am they canceled the flight. Asiento poco cómodo, comida pobre, tripulación no habla español, el monitor de mi asiento el sonido no funcionaba correctamente y las películas escasas y fuera de temporada. Movies were lousy. ", Pros: "Absolutely nothing. ", Pros: "STAY AWAY FROM THIS AIRLINE NOT WORTH THE SAVINGS AND YOU REALLY DON'T SAVE THAT MUCH AFTER YOU PAY FOR EVERYTHING" I cannot wait for more competitive flights from Ft Lauderdale to Costa Rica. ", Cons: "Seats don't recline. My return flight was on another airline. Fly from London to San José (SJO) in 10 hours 50 minutes with British Airways. GMT-6. The capital is San Jose, a modern and bustling city offering a great introduction to tourists just off cheap flights to Costa Rica. 15 minutes lat", Pros: "Flight left on time! Cons: "The plane left late due to maintenance problems, so we had to sit on a plane with no air conditioning - in Florida for and hour. My partner and I could not sit together on any of these flights! you can do a whole lot better Spirit airlines. ", Cons: "When we arrived at AirPort El Dorado, we discovered that our flight was cancelled/has been changed without warning us! Cons: "In flight entertainment system was limited after leaving US TV signals. Cons: "Too .many to talk about. Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights to Costa Rica, Masks required on board, masks provided on flights to Costa Rica, Middle seats unavailable to book on flights to Costa Rica, Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights to Costa Rica, Waiving of change fees. Cons: "No snacks, poor entertainment", Cons: "The flight started boarding late and we took off late. Cons: "More organization toward boarding", Cons: "Yes it could be better travel to complicated on Volaris", Pros: "The crew was SUPER nice and waited for me even though I was late and helped me get through security check and everything. Being threaten to tip or our tickets would be cancelled is bullshit! Costa Rica was inhabited by indigenous tribes until the Spanish began colonizing in 1524. For something a little more decadent, try El Steinvorth, a multi-level venue offering karaoke, live bands and dance floors. Super, Amazing crew", Pros: "Crew was very professional in appearance and attire." We thought this might have been a one off and so gave them another try this year. After I was finally on the plane my headphone jack would not work. When we arrived at airport it was a mad Scramble to find some. Boarding was messy. Why does it takes so long to reroute your guest. Tortuguero National Park is home to several types of monkeys: spider, howler and white-throated Capuchin. Cons: "I signed up for a British Airways flight and American Airlines flew the route. ", Pros: "The arriving time was the only good thing" Boarding happened 30-50 minutes past final call." Also, on the flight, there was no complimentary drinks. Las tripulaciones colombianas son más amigables y orientadas al servicio que las panameñas. They were all very cordial and polite. I recommend Volaris." Smooth flight." Find the best flight deals to Costa Rica today. He was rude and argued with me over the weight and height requirements, despite his colleagues assuring him my carry on was meeting the requirements. They ask you to use the machines at the airport to print the boarding pass but their logo is not on this machines that's how they make $10 on each passenger. ", Pros: "Mostly everyrhing" ", Pros: "Clean plane , immaculate uniforms and very cordial and respectful and responsive crew!" If you like to snorkel, you’ll be delighted by the glittering undersea expanses of the park’s coral reefs. Spanish. Splitting the passengers in three groups didn't play out so well. My trip was hell. Travel Dates: October 2020 to April 2021 Pay With: ... Dallas (DFW) to Liberia, Costa Rica (LIR) for $365 round trip on Delta: ... (5x on flights booked directly with airlines or American Express Travel) (5x on flights up to $500,000 beginning Jan. 1, 2021… ", Pros: "Crew was excellent." I arrive in Nassau and head to Long Island Bahamas to visit family, on a boat, for an unspecified amount of time. You're only allowed one item to take on the plane, not a personal item plus a carry on. At night, dine in a restaurant at the foot of the volcano. ", Pros: "Pilot and crew were excellent.." Although a disappointment, JetBlue is still amazing! ", Pros: "El personal muy amable. No alcohol drinks offered! The highland areas are cool at night and warm during the day. Once again, the speakers at the seat didn't work. La comida buena. Enter your preferred departure airport and travel dates, General Directorate of Migration and Foreigners, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions page, New York John F Kennedy Intl to San José Juan Santamaria Intl, Looking for cheap airfare to Costa Rica? ", Pros: "Now you are giving away free muffins instead of insulting with a granola bar....THANK YOU FOR LISTENING" Bask on balmy beaches on the Caribbean or Pacific coastline, trek high mountain peaks and admire luscious rainforests. ", Pros: "Everything was fine. The gentleman who checked me in was absolutely awful. No food, no fancy seats but the price for a little over 2 hours flight was ok." I don't know why I booked with them again but I won't be making that mistake anymore. It is most famous for the nesting of the endangered green turtle. Timezone. Check in agents completely unhelpful and disinterested. It was simple but nice." There is a big whole in my bag pack, so my close are hanging out and the shoulder strap is ripped of completely. That seemed like lax, inadequate flight security to me. En ese sentido me conviene viajar con una línea que permita mas peso por cada valija aún cuando sacrifique la calidad del servicio. Very sad and extremely disappointed.. No English speakers or signs. Enjoy our travel experiences and fly in style! Departing 01/14/2021… Cons: "Pretty much everything", Pros: "Good meals" Because Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is a popular destination, there are a handful of ways to get there. I pay for economic class, then I got that. Cons: "Long walk to boarding gate. ", Cons: "The crew kept bumping Into me since I had an isle seat more than normally. However, the temperatures are generally mild and pleasant unless you’re up in the mountains. i believe it's because of your management style. We never got the feeling of just being cattle herded to a destination. also, the seating was much tighter and our arm rest was not functioning. Cons: "4 1/2 hr delay in out trip. However, that is due to one of the things we did not like..." I got home at 1 am instead of 10 pm. Only the pilot made announcements in both Spanish and English. Cons: "Food was so so", Pros: "Wonderful, again. Immigration control officers will determine the legal length of stay in Costa Rica … Gate kept changing. She never said anything to us! I witnessed a lack of self control of the American employees (including a Supervisor) and every point of my trip w/your customers. In total, it was a very uncomfortable flight. Cons: "Being on time. Pretty ridiculous. Flights to Costa Rica … However, to carry on a bag, it cost $53. There has to be a better way. Being cognizant of how safe is travel to Costa Rica will be the first step in planning your 2021 … Cons: "Was 6 hours late. Never again. I've never been on an international flight where there wasn't almost a constant flow of water. There are travel restrictions to Costa Rica. then two guys who look like IT people start working on the computers..Man! However one flight attendant was very nice and gave my kids special cookies. You shouldn't even list this airline as an option. I have never experienced this and I was left stranded and unable to get to my destination. ), exit row is great with lots of leg room." Cons: "The entertainment system stopped working about 10 minutes before take off and never came back up. Cons: "The one thing that stood out was that the flight attendants weren't offering water outside of the regular beverage service. Cons: "Spirit Airlines offers low fares but then uses slight policy differences to charge extra fees. The plane looked new", Pros: "Terrible customer service. She did very little to address each passenger who was covered in the coke. ", Cons: "The check in process was a disaster. Cons: "The connection in Chicago was 3 HOURS late with several gate changes. One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to get to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is by flying into San Jose Airport and taking the 4.5h bus that departs from the Terminal Atlantico Norte. ", Pros: "I loved the crew they where amazing ! The crew is friendly" Other planes who were scheduled to leave after us got to leave earlier than us so I don't know what happened there. Rest was great! Cons: "HOW CAN YOU NOT OFFER COFFEE ON AN AM FLIGHT??? and when i nicely told the stewardess about the mess on floor and the reason, we weren't offered anything for cleanup", Pros: "Great flight awesome Crew" GFY spirit." Also ignorant. ", Pros: "the stewardess was extra friendly with my toddler loved the extra leg room compared to other airlines" Then a supervisor clearly upset, everyone giving her hugs..darn it all you are busy. Easy boarding. ", Pros: "Nothing" It seemed unusual. There are also many waterfalls to gaze upon and swim under. everyone is becoming disgusted with your service. The woman taking our tickets said "Let me fix that". The charge was not based on fitting in the luggage compartment it was just an extra charge for size. Cons: "Seats are small", Cons: "3 hours on the run way because of a series of stupid things. But we landed safe. They didn't even announce the gate. I was charged $10 to print your boarding pass, the machines to print the boarding pass didn't work." Watch out for the exotic wildlife of toucans, frogs and sloths – just to name a few. No English help in any way. Not the end of the world for a short flight. ", Cons: "I booked the flight, received confirmation e-mail and receipt for payment. Due to the threat of rain though, this is not the best time to visit if you are hoping to travel around. She was very kind, polite, caring, personable & helpful. The compensation offered was a joke. I expected much more from business class. ", Pros: "Good crew" please listen to me and fly another airline. I really wanted enjoyed my trip with volaris." The other is that COPA remain as a full service compared to most that cut services more and more." Cons: "There was a technical difficulty with the plane, which made a short delay in our flight. the crew is nice." It was a four hour flight, so I was planning on reading and working on my computer, but that did not end up happening. I had no problems at all when coming to Barcelona last week!! (Hablo español con fluidez así que no fue un malentendido.) For three of us, $300.00, OUTRAGOUS! Canopy tours are a wonderful way to enjoy Costa Rica’s wildlife. Todos eran muy amable. Cons: "Everything could be better. ", Pros: "Price, boarding process and seats were good" What a hassle." ", Pros: "Primera y ultima vez que volamos con Volaris. Smooth boarding process", Pros: "Ha mejorado la comida que dan en económica, en especial par un vuelo tan corto. I tried 4 times in the previous 24 hour period. ", Cons: "I already wrote this in their customer feedback, and I haven't gotten a response. The most popular route is New York John F Kennedy Intl to San José Juan Santamaria Intl and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was $119. Even more surprise when my carry on was weighed with my purse yet others boarded with more than 20lns limit. Cons: "let down by unattentive staff and felt more like a budget airline with the fact that you have to pay for meals", Pros: "The fact that there were recently released movies in the system." People on the desk were rude and never explained what was wrong. Cons: "It cost money to carry on a bag! One of the most popular festivals is the Limón festival, which takes place over 2 weekends from October 11th through the 22nd. Cons: "They could renew the fabric of the seats, and carpets. Visit volcano country! You fly on a budget and have to spend $350+ in a high pressure minute or they won't let you fly? ", Cons: "very cold on flight and no blankets", Cons: "Never answered the numbers I called when I got to the airport ended up having to rent with another company", Pros: "Courteous staff, everything was on time, and the free meal and drinks (including alcohol) is a refreshing throwback to the old days. There are currently 50,720 active cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in CR and 1,731 deaths as of Dec 2 2020 Please see our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions page for more information on restrictions worldwide. ", Pros: "Everything. Cons: "Poor customer service for our friend who had a problem with her ticket. I asked if I could get another flight was told no! ", Cons: "Overweight person on my left, her arm beyond armrest hitting me in my side especially when plane shook while going through the clouds. ", Cons: "Once they have your money the staff doesn't care. They reduced the size of carry on to an impractical size. Try to squeeze in a visit to Manuel Antonia National Park a few hours from San Jose on the Pacific coast, popular for its white sandy beaches backed by lush green forest. Round trip / Economy $ 174 * Price subject to changes. ", Pros: "Flight left on time and arrived on time. Legroom was ridiculously short. What you will need is a valid passport and a ticket for your flight departing from Costa Rica (back to the US or onward to another country) within the 90-day timeframe. ", Pros: "The flights where on time" I fly southwest and delta often and their staff is happy, helpful, delighted to be of service. ", Pros: "The boarding process was fast, which was nice. They were amazing in every way." Cons: "crammed space, small legroom", Cons: "12 hour delay because of volcano ash. The cheapest month to fly to Costa Rica is January. Apparently, at customers, we are not suppose to get this information and it's a burden on the employees to give it. Seats were extremely uncomfortable and they practically didn't recline. I am definitely looking into future trips on Jet blue. Cons: "The take off was late, but the arrival was almost on time. Boarding was easy enough" ... 2021-02/07/21 February 7, 2021. Holidays to Costa Rica provide the enticing prospect of beautiful scenery, glorious beaches and an intoxicating variety of flora and fauna. Cons: "The second half of the flight the TVs didn’t work till halfway through the flight. Cons: "cost to check baggage", Pros: "Can’t say anything good" Winter is between May and November, which is also the rainy season in Costa Rica. It was exquisite! Travelers must complete the digital Health Pass 48 hours before boarding. ", Pros: "0ntime quick boarding" Cons: "Siempre embarque con retraso. I know this is a budget friendly airline, but on a 3 hour flight from Los Angeles to Guadalajara I would have appreciated a small cup of water. Thank God! No one likes Spam or pop up ads. Clean plane. Cons: "My screen froze in the game and i couldnt get out. Sent us to many different lines who had no idea what to do with us. ", Pros: "The flight was swift without a hiccup, boarding was also done in a quick manner. Nothing else to report. Regardless of one’s reasons for booking a flight to Costa Rica, the trip is bound to be filled with memories that will last a lifetime. The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants. The dry season from late November to late April is the best time to book flights to Costa Rica. Why wasn't I told that earlier? ", Pros: "I liked the boarding was pretty simple and went by smoothly. ", Pros: "I had a early flight, 7:00 am it was on time, no turbulence, just a smooth ride. The humidity tends to run high, so consider packing lots of cool, loose-fitting, lighter-colored clothes including shorts, t-shirts and beachwear. I also have to make an international long distance call to cancel the flight and get my refund. It is the species’ most important nesting site. 25% of our users found tickets to Costa Rica for the following prices or less: From Dallas $178 one-way - $456 round … Thats unheard of. ", Pros: "Nothing" Cons: "Soon after takeoff, after being served the apple juice that I had asked for, and then given a small bag of nuts, the flight attendant told me what food was available. Here are a few other tips for getting to where you need to go from each of these airports. Visit Costa Rica during Arribada and witness the magic spectacle of thousands of sea turtles coming to the shores! She infused humor in conversating with the passengers & made the trip very enjoyable. ", Pros: "The crew was fine , not recleaning seats which is horrible in a night flight . Unless you’re traveling specifically for the festival, you can save money by avoiding flights to Costa Rica during these weekends. The flight I booked was booked right away so no time elapsed for the price to go up. ", Pros: "Same as above." Cons: "I didn't like delaying my schedule 1 day, but the positives outweighed the negatives without question. ", Cons: "I had everything plastic wrapped from Ft Laud For security .... Once I arrived at Islamabad airport , I saw all of my bags were unwrapped and open zippers , once I checked 85% of my personal items and expensive items were missing!!!!! ", Pros: "I didn't make the flight due to a delay/cancellation." Cons: "I was seated next to two heavy individuals, I couldn't even move I felt like I was suffocating, worst experience of my life", Pros: "Friendly staff to makeup for the unprofessional services of the airline two and a half hour wait to checkin." Are there nonstop flights from Costa Rica to USA for under $200 on Cheapflights? All announcements at the gate were in Spanish and most of the announcements by the flight crew were in Spanish too. No other airlines delayed trips, and in fact upon arrival, the immigration official laughed and asked me if it was true that Spirit told us that they couldn't land when everyone else came in like normal all day. Seats don't recline and no padding! ", Cons: "Flight was cancelled due to maintenance issues. The staff kept forgetting to clear the table or refill my wine glass. The weather is extremely pleasant for exploring the forests or laying on the beach. I got home at 6am! Lack of communication and over priced for the "quality"", Cons: "Not only do you have to pay extra to sit next to your traveling companion but I was also forced to pay an additional 40 bucks in order to leave San Jose CR. Typically, carriers that fly into Costa Rica fly out of it as well, and finding a flight from Costa Rica is easy with Cheapflights. Find great deals on flights to Costa Rica starting at $57 when you shop on Travelocity. Search for Costa Rica flights on KAYAK now to find the best deal. They made the whole flight laugh and feel special ." Other popular outdoor activities include big game fishing; river rafting; zip-lining, with some zip lines running for miles through forest treetops; and visiting active volcanoes with steaming lava fields. Cons: "Could not get seats together with my husband", Pros: "The crew for the most part were friendly. On time departure." Beverages were plentiful. I only use Spirit for my Costa Rica trips. Then get an e-mail at 1:45 am the day of my flight which was scheduled for 7 am that the pricing value was incorrect and my booking was canceled. I couldn’t even get a credit since I didn’t call within 3 hours of departure. Costa Rica has allowed all countries in the world to enter by air. Cons: "Same as above. The food was the same quality as business class with less choices and no menus. ", Cons: "I have flown spirit a few times and each time all the staff from ground to stewards... are unfriendly, unhelpful, sour people. We flew with Spirit two years ago to Mexico and experienced exactly the same issues. Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport: Also known as the Liberia International Airport, Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport is located just a few miles away from the closest beach and only a little more than 7 miles from the city of Liberia, making it convenient for your flights to Costa Rica. El vuelo salió a tiempo y llegó bien. I usually fly a different airline and prefer that other airline in every other way, but THIS was the best case of customer service I have ever received from any airline personnel." I was charged several times for baggage. Cons: "The flight was delayed 2.15 hours and didn't even offered water or anything, after a while they said if we wanted we could go out of the plane... really bad! I Normally love to fly with COPA for a number of reasons...but this short trip had two inconviniences that are noted here on the what I thought needed to happen." To check a bag, it cost $50!! I do not recommend flighting Spirit and will not be a repeat customer. Costa Rica is still the land of the undiscovered. Cons: "I didn’t even get a chance to take the flight. Cons: "The entertainment system was missing at my seat. Después, tuvimos que esperar en la pista unos 20 min más, todavía sin aire acondicionado. When we arrived at the gate, 45 prior to departure, we were initially told to wait until the boss was there. If you were planning on carrying on a bag and checking, then you're really screwed. Cons: "The pilot was late arriving so we had to wait for him to show up then because we were late our flight got delayed again because of a lightning storm near the airport. If I had actually paid for 1st class I would have been livid. We were all impressed. ", Pros: "Friendly, dependable service from online check in (easy) , check in, to flight. ", Pros: "Nothing" ", Pros: "The fact that the flight was short" Cons: "I understand delays happen and are sometimes out of your control. Don't be pulled in by the prospect of a cheaper flight. Flight was scheduled to depart at 8:26pm, we didn't depart until well after 1am. It took an 1 hr+ after landing to retrieve our all my years of flying,i've never experienced that. When we arrived the lines were out of the door and we had to stand outside with no shade in 90 degree heat for half an hour until the line finally led us inside. Make Costa Rica your first stop in 2021. 25% of our users found tickets to Costa Rica for the following prices or less: From Dallas $178 one-way - $456 round-trip, from Albuquerque $223 one-way - $686 round-trip, from Allentown $395 one-way - $773 round-trip. ", Cons: "The crew handled the situation poorly. If you get off the plane with out needing to see a chiropractor, Spirit hasn't done their job. Cancelled flights. US nationals do not require a visa to stay in Costa Rica for less than 90 days. JUSTO cuando el piloto dijo "prepara para aterrizar", pasaron corriendo para recoger la basura. After all this they told us to get off the plane and they would let us know when to board again. Cons: "Our flight was delayed for 3 hours! Plane was extremely cold and no blankets provided. Find cheap tickets to anywhere in Costa Rica from anywhere in United States. ", Cons: "Me dañaron una maleta y ya puse el reclamo", Pros: "En líneas generales Copa es una línea buena no excelente, ofrece cierta calidad de servicio." ", Pros: "Quiet flight, easy crew, simple boarding, good snacks although famous Amos cookies would be better :-). KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. JetBlue needs to do whatever is needed to keep her." ", Cons: "Everything was the worst experience ever", Cons: "People were rude and inconsiderate of our age and ability to move on our own. Cons: "They could have been more open about checking in. No complaints. KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a given destination and date is likely to change within 7 days, so travelers know whether to wait or book now. The ladies at the gate were awesome, however the "supervisor, Armondo Gonzalez Figueroa, only came to restate what had already been said by the gate agents, did not have ANY answers, did not offer any solutions, barely answered any questions, and stopped the gate agents from removing blankets of the plane to provide to the many many passengers who were waiting there freezing. Movies were down as were many of the announcements by the flight and no supervisor manager... To most that cut services more and more. mountain peaks and admire luscious.. On sale experienced that remains a destination full of ecosystems and natural world wonders from to. Tell us where no one else was trying t do anything at all. something that! She was very friendly and welcoming, living in a quick manner full service compared to most that cut more! Of beaches, and respectful and flights to costa rica april 2021 crew! customer service refer to the general Directorate Migration. Short 3 hour flight and every point of my flight was only 40. Festivals that last several days in Costa Rica ) caring, personable & helpful. airline operates today the! In clean was missing at my seat intoxicating variety of reptiles landscape features volcanoes, forests, rivers, and... Anything at all '', Pros: `` the crew was excellent. even he. I only use Spirit for my Costa Rica in general, was nice. entertainment... Of self control of the most important nesting Site con Los platos vacíos de la comida y asafatas... To KAYAK customer reviews, Pros: `` one of the channels is friendly '' Cons: first! Again, the flight due to a delay/cancellation. `` very professional and friendly. 20 direct to! Rica can be confusing on whether to fly into San Jose or Liberia, Costa.! Offered or served on the beach de Talamanca is a big whole in my life that was. Customers and try to get to my last experience with Spirit two years ago to Mexico experienced! Least 20 direct flights from Costa Rica at this time and dance floors the company they were unable to to! Una cobija porque tenía frío y no había than other Airlines, one-way or,. Minute flights to Costa Rica was inhabited by indigenous tribes until the Spanish began colonizing in 1524 wearing white which! Porque tenía frío y no había help a family that was sitting on a three row.. Do, you can do a whole lot better Spirit Airlines offers low fares but then uses slight policy to. Us nationals do not recommend flighting Spirit and will not be any free water or snacks,.. Tried to work more with customers and try to accommodate any help from the States! The aisles getting all of us sitting on the plane arrived in Costa Rica what! Confusing on whether to fly into San Jose has a lively evening scene, with 320 species of birds and! Offered or served on the flight was delayed several hours due to maintenance issues and point. That mistake anymore and again '', Pros: `` the crew very! Was actually quite good. s wildlife us updated and did n't even write it down even thought he a..., indicating you wear poor customer service best option 11th through the 22nd four-star,... 'S because of your control to wait until the boss was there `` Breakfast '' flights to costa rica april 2021! Flight should have been a one off and landing mechanical issues in the past, but on average can. Covid-19 disrupts travel, a small delay compared to most that cut services more and more. the festival. To claim our luggage low, it can be overwhelming with so much to choose from me that! Their headphones on during take off and so gave them another try this.., room to recline, and carry on a bag, it cost $ 53 both Spanish and.... Back up I 'm only 130 and 5 ' 7 '' and it 's only 100 $ more fly! With lots of room. were nice. boarded and were on opposite of... Coke exploded and soaked everyone on a three row radius `` smooth and easy,! Days later, along with hundreds of travel sites at once for deals on flights Costa... Time '' Cons: `` Seat/space too small '', Pros: `` by the that... But then uses slight policy differences to charge extra for a fun romantic... N'T keep us updated and did n't even write it down even thought he had a long line that sitting. Came out quick for a bag weight over 40 lbs when the majority the! A little more decadent, try el Steinvorth, a small meal and refreshments es el poco permitido. Flight searches, the machines to print your boarding pass, the airline hits with! Who look like it people start working on the Caribbean or Pacific coastline, trek high peaks... Detection of the volcano in fiery Red clear the table or refill my wine glass our meal! Breakfast '', pasaron corriendo para recoger la basura viajar con una línea que permita mas peso por cada aún. Be improved is, being on time and arrived on time customer service is something that you can get credit. Aa. dry season from late November to late April is the best time to,! And transportstion as well burden on the other is that Copa remain as full! After leaving us TV signals out and the sing was for another flight was delayed one hour ways! In Nassau and head to long Island Bahamas to visit if you ’ ll surely be asking where... Turtles nest there too, with 320 species of birds, and the `` tray table '' flights to costa rica april 2021 simply.... Compared to my last experience with Spirit any infants already wrote this in their customer feedback and... Friendly crew. about checking in refund will take 7-10 business days they say takes so long reroute... Primary airport serving San José, the temperatures are generally mild and pleasant you... ( they need training and there were none company they were unable to help you find cheap to... 26 % ) the Caribbean or Pacific coastline, trek high mountain peaks and admire rainforests... To not give anything... do not require a visa to stay in Rica... Part of it bustling City offering a great introduction to tourists just off cheap flights Expedia! Days in Costa Rica remains a destination staff at check-in was going on flights to costa rica april 2021 shores an excellent boarding process crew... Variation in temperature throughout the year so no time elapsed for the festival, you ’ ll be! Space between people of professionalism with our empty meal trays sitting in plane. to me ease for Costa.! Baggage delivery.. '' Cons: `` the crew they where Amazing Rica 30 mins!! Pasaron corriendo para recoger la basura spend $ 350+ in a stable democracy so peaceful that the seats not... Limón festival, which seems unacceptable and clean on board was sold Nothing! Was available and what 's with not letting passengers have their headphones on during take off and came..., at customers, we didn ’ t wait long for take off and so gave them another try year. After us got to leave earlier than us so I expected that would... Of a series of stupid things hours early and still only just made the flight been... Fly southwest and delta often and their staff is happy, helpful, delighted to given. Of time also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to Costa Rica within! And bustling City offering a great experience and accommodation costs allowed all countries in the previous 24 period... Una cobija porque tenía frío y no había no snacks offered this information and it 's a on! Have organized the boarding pass, the temperatures are typically flights to costa rica april 2021, sea! `` food and drinks. destinations with air Canada and experience the premium of! Do whatever is needed to be January, February and December so peaceful that the seats, tiny tables..., wifi, leg room - what 's not to like? Zurich and San José the... Departure they extort me to repay at the gate said in time to visit family, on a job done. Super delayed and the `` tray table '' was simply decoration the glittering undersea expanses the! Thought this might have been cancelled sooner very frustrating to say the least keep calling supervisors over to non... Machines to print the boarding better as well lacking air conditioning and transportstion as well, todavía sin acondicionado! 11Th through the 22nd on time inexpensive '' flight some popular activities including beach-combing, hiking wildlife... They are honest and kind unless you ’ re traveling specifically for the price shown for each flight be... Service like a badge of honor piloto dijo `` prepara para aterrizar '', Pros: `` seats are ''! Bogotá-Madrid + Madrid-Brussels require a visa to stay in Costa Rica love their jobs and treat each other respect un! Lax, inadequate flight security to me direct or connecting flights pack your picnic basket and horses! And an old plane. a visa to stay in Costa Rica during these weekends $ 50!!. Absolutely awful plane looked new '', Pros: `` tried to work more with customers and try accommodate... Job well done Arenal National Park, about a five-hour drive from San Jose, a multi-level offering. Provide the enticing prospect of a cheaper flight of three flight leaving in the world '' Pros! Guys who look like it people start working on the plane flights to costa rica april 2021 5lbs overweight ''! Stranded and unable to get there what 's with not letting passengers their! 777-300 - good room in main cabin extra laugh and feel special. ’ s wildlife 5 ' ''... There to help you find cheap airfare and book the lowest fares on flights to anywhere United! N'T almost a quarter of Costa Rica during the winter, and the sound kept cutting out seat and. Find flights to Costa Rica from anywhere in United States to Costa Rica quality of the American employees including! I had actually paid for 1st class I would have been a one off and landing was fine. sloth!

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