Toe Sox

Trading summer sandals for close-toed autumn footwear, I say a brief kaddish for the livelihood of my little piggies. Stuffed into cramped quarters, my foot turns into a shmushed, sweaty brick and in the winter,...

This Chair Folds You Up Into a Taco

Taco spooning, anyone?

Foot Roller

The R3 Orthopedic Foot Roller Penetrates deep into plantar fascia and other sore footsy muscles. Place roller on floor. Sit in chair, pressing foot atop roller, finding sore spots along bottom of foot. Apply pressure...

Lego Slippers–Holiday Promo

Google Tiltbrush

VR + Painting + Architecture + Dance....The Tilt Brush, dig it:

Dance Walk T-Shirts

For Sale! Email me to purchase.

OOFOS OOriginal

OOFOS sandals may look more like a nurse's flip-flop than high fashion.  And, like me, you may have a functional bias against thongs between your toes or flip-flops sliding off your feet, or both. Yet amazingly, I own three...

Switchel, Drink Revolution Has anyone tried this stuff--SWITCHEL??!  I recently found a jar on the juice/kombucha/coconut water shelf at our local supermarket, and spotted Vermont on the homespun graphics a mile away. Lo and behold, it is...

Be Your Own Washing Machine

Yoga Joe’s

For little boys who role-play, and act out their wildest non-violent fantasies.