Baby Whisperer Demonstrates The “Hold”

Mr. Rogers re-incarnated! Dr. Robert Hamilton, soothing and patiently, demonstrates his special baby-calming swaddle hold.

Stationary Bikes in the Classroom

Turning a sedentary activity into an active one--activates body and mind:

Dabbing at Scripps Spelling Bee!

Obama Dances with Kids

Obama's physical play

Kineticist School!

Kids Bustamove

Bikes in Kid Classrooms

Physio-balls in the Classroom

The Kineticist is fascinated by the use of physioballs in the elementary classroom, to promote "Active Seating." Please send me photos and stories of physioballs in your hometown schools:

Yoga mom, everybody pile on

Teachers Integrate Movement in Classroom

"One teacher has her students measure their pulse and breath rates before and after a set of jumping jacks and then asks them to create graphs to display these results. Another teacher makes a large...