The new high-end Brazilian martial art. High intensity capoeira workout:

Coconut Curry Red Lentil Soup

Rich, smooth, filling, delicious! This is a seasonal favorite and easy to make-only chopping is the onion, garlic and onion. Top with cilantro and peanuts. YUM!

Oatmeal for the Tummy (Gluten-Free!)

I'm a warm food person. I need nourishing foods to keep my liver and spleen energy going strong. This I learned from various acupuncturists along the way who helped me understand my own body's...

Gym Types

Aqua Yoga, hello summer!

Dance Like the Hot Bitch You Always Knew You Were

Looking for a weekday dance workout? Pas de bourree, don't walk, to Jules Bakshi's Dance Like the Hot Bitch You Always Knew You Were:

Quinoa with Mushrooms & Arugula

Say what you will about the GOOPster, this recipe from GPaltrow's It's All Good is fantastic. Packed with delicious summer flavor. Nutritionally, quinoa is high in fiber and boosts metabolism. It is extremely agreeable to...

Electric Treadmill Bike

This is so bizarre...

Reishi, Maca, and Ho Shou Wu

Just in…NO on Foam Roller!