Bill Clinton Loves Playing with Balloons


I really appreciated the Clintons’ playful interaction with balloons on stage after Hillary’s acceptance speech at the DNC. It seemed to me the only genuine human response to experiencing millions of helium-filled fun toys drop out of the ceiling all around them. Contrast that behavior with the Trump clan’s stiff post speech line-up one week prior. In the same context of balloons falling freely, Trump and his family stood awkwardly frozen and physically disconnected. The Kineticist is a partisan of the Movement Party! As such, I applaud public figures who are not afraid to exhibit their humanity through free and unconscious physical expression.

17 Pictures Of Bill Clinton Realizing That Balloons Exist

Last night at the DNC there was a balloon drop. It is at this point in time we all learned that Bill Clinton fuckin’ LOVES balloons. 6. Aaron P. Bernstein / Getty Images Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images 13. Bill Clark / CQ-Roll Call, Inc. 14.


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