Happy July 4th from The Kineticist!


Taking stock of our freedoms here in the USA today, I reflect on our fundamental right as citizens to peaceably assemble. To gather together, in public places, to show solidarity to a cause. I take this moment to applaud my brothers and sisters who show courage by putting their bodies on the line—-through protest, vigil or other forms of civil action. When coming together as people is now fraught with attendant physical fears, I am that much more impressed by activists who risk their physical well-being to assert their voice.

There is lots of verbiage on the internet–opinions, essays, points of view expressed about the topic of the day. Here on the The Kineticist, I’d like to pay tribute specifically to forms of activism where people put their bodies on the line, sometimes simply showing up. These folks sacrifice their time to attend actions. They are counted for a cause. When it’s just as easy to sit at a laptop and express an opinion, showing up in the world at a designated place for a designated time counts just a little more.

On July 4th, I appreciate our freedom to move in other ways–to bike on the streets, to walk on city streets, and yes, to Dance Walk in Prospect Park; to engage in physical activity with a flock of friends that seeks no audience, but depends on the safety of our public sphere. To move freely and without hindrance is a freedom I don’t take for granted. I deeply celebrate the freedom to move!

To be healthy and whole–on an individual level–is another blessing entirely. This is a freedom I greatly enjoy and feel thankful for everyday.


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