See-Saw Rocking Bench

@BKLYN DESIGNS expo in Greenpoint


Walking through BKLYN DESIGNS Expo this weekend, my family was delighted to come across The Rocking Pacman Reverse Seesaw. It defies genre as a high-concept playground apparatus cum couture furniture item. The RPRS is  log-like rocking bench that requires two people to balance. My kids were fully thrilled to push each other forward and back on this beautifully contoured, novel log bench:

Louis Lim’s Rocking Pacman “reverse seesaw” is a trust exercise as well as a piece of furniture

View Slideshow Spotted at the BKLYN Designs, NYC’s premier showcase of Brooklyn-designed and made furnishings, Lim ‘s Rocking Pacman is as much an exercise in trust as it is a piece of furniture. Like a regular seesaw, you need two people for it to work.


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