Dance Flash Mobs


The Kineticist loves Flash Mobs and triple-loves Dance Flash Mobs. Nobody sums it up better than brilliant mother-in-law Belleruth Naparstek: “What’s not to love? The universal spirit-lifter!! Common effort, in community, to produce joy. What could be bad here??”

For a dancer accustomed to the choreographic conformity of everyday pedestrian life, to witness the eruption of a flash mob is to experience a parallel kind of personal eruption—a feeling akin to that of a bicycle lover landing in Amsterdam. One’s marginal band of the universe is suddenly widened to the main, manifest and sanctioned as a valid public mode. It is a heart-stopping double-take of bewilderment and joy. Organized around community, cause, or personal challenge, flash mob power is immeasurable…

A roundup of Flash Mob faves to send you off for the weekend:

P.S. 10’s first Flash Mob in 2012

Dance for Obama, Boston 2014.The Kineticist front row, right:

Deb’s O.R. Flash Mob:

Senior Flash Mob Eugene, OR:

Ode to Joy orchestral Flash Mob in Spain:


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