Toe Sox


Trading summer sandals for close-toed autumn footwear, I say a brief kaddish for the livelihood of my little piggies. Stuffed into cramped quarters, my foot turns into a shmushed, sweaty brick and in the winter, a block of ice. Gone are the supple, semi-articulate, breathing toes of open air. In their place, one singular chunky unit.

For this, The Kineticist recommends Toe Sox.

These soft, five-toed socks separate the digits, encouraging a spreading of the toes which broaden the body’s base of support. It’s important to keep up your foot and toe health by actively spreading the toes, especially as we get older, and falling becomes a real danger. Footcare can be critically important for balance and support. Read Atul Gawande’s eye-opening article about the need for foot hygiene in senior medicine.


September 6:


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