No Lights, No Lycra


Another trusted Kineticist stringer, and Dance Walk regular Jill Dowling has done due diligence on the No Lights, No Lycra jam in Williamsburg, in order that I may recommend this happening to you without reserve.

Jill reports that the jam is Tuesdays weekly @8:15pm. Last night, it was not too crowded, a low-tech scene, with eclectic music mostly danceable. It’s dark, so you can get your freak on and do your thing.

In the past, other people “getting their freak on” at barefoot boogie-style jams has sent me running for the exit. But then, what is the Dance Walk, if not getting your freak on, in public, WITH THE LIGHTS ON? Surely if I can rise to this challenge with the lights on, I can do it easier with the lights off, where the darkness is safe and inviting.

Unlike a club or party, where the coolness of a “scene” creates self-conscious pressure, these jams have little to no image investment. In the dark, you’re free of all that. If you *need* to dance, and don’t mind doing it alongside some wacky folk, get thee to No Lights, No Lycra. Recommended. Without reserve.

No Lights, No Lycra

Tuesdays, 8:15pm

Church of the Messiah Hall at

129 Russel St, Greenpoint


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