On Manspreading


I am BIG, and I take up a lot of space. I am a womanspreader. Not by choice always, but by nature. I’m simultaneously aware of the dire urban need to SHARE space on the train–and I can make myself compact, contained, coiled into one seat. But if The Kineticist is about envisioning a better world, I advocate for WOMEN TAKING UP SPACE IN PUBLIC. Not as an angry reaction to male privilege, but because I too yearn for the feeling of expansion that brings empowerment in daily, ordinary life. That said, the article below = divine. Sometimes it’s about more than just taking up space, it’s about taking it:

I Have Been Sitting on Manspreaders For the Last Month and I Have Never Felt More Free

I’m not sure where the idea came from. I was probably tired from working two jobs, or maybe I was getting sick. My main job as a karaoke host means that everyday I handle microphones that have been spit on, rubbed against chapped lips, and Total Eclipse of the Heart-ed into a state of contamination that has left me feeling on the verge of a cold for four years.


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